Description of Files

Configuration Pages
adminmeta.phpFor HTML or scripting language to be included in the HEAD section of each Admin page. Blank to start with, except for the style sheet declaration and a statement to keep search engines from indexing your Admin pages. Customization is optional.
calsettings.phpSettings for the calendar page.
config.phpDatabase and other settings. You need to customize this before anything will work.
customconfig.phpCustom settings (starts empty).
footer.html (deprecated)HTML to be included at the bottom of each page. Blank to start with except for some text crediting me as the author of TNG. You may use a different file, but you must specify the new file in the General Settings.
footer.phpSame as footer.html, but built as a PHP file so it can include dynamic content.
genlog.txtRaw log data (starts empty). Must be made writeable (chmod 664).
adminlog.txtRaw log data for admin area (starts empty). Must be made writeable (chmod 664).
importconfig.phpImport-related settings.
logconfig.phpLog-related settings.
meta.html (deprecated)For HTML or scripting language to be included in the HEAD section of each page. Blank to start with, except for the style sheet declaration. Customization is optional. You may use a different file, but you must specify the new file in the General Settings.
meta.phpSame as meta.html, but in PHP format.
mapconfig.phpSettings related to the Google Maps integration.
pedconfig.phpSettings for the pedigree charts. You will likely want to customize these in order to more closely integrate the charts with the rest of your site..
templateconfig.phpSettings related to the template files.
topmenu.html (deprecated)HTML to be included at top of each page. Blank to start with except for the <BODY> tag. I recommend you put your site navigation here. You may use a different file, but you must specify the new file in the General Settings.
topmenu.phpSame as topmenu.html, but built as a PHP file so it can include dynamic content.
whatsnew.txtEmtpy file for custom message on "What's New" page. Must be made writeable (chmod 664).
PHP Scripts
addnewacct.phpPuts information from potential user in users table, notifies administrator.
admin.phpMain administration menu page.
admin/index.phpRedirects people to the new menu location at admin.php.
admin_add2albumxml.phpFetches media asynchonously for possible inclusion in an album.
admin_addalbum.phpAdds new album record to the database.
admin_addassoc.phpAdds new association record to the database.
admin_addbranch.phpAdds new branch record to the database.
admin_addcemetery.phpAdds new cemetery record to the database.
admin_addcitation.phpAdds new citation record to the database.
admin_addcollection.phpAdds new media collection record to the database.
admin_addentity.phpAdds new state or country (for cemetery locations) to the database.
admin_addevent.phpAdds new event record to the database.
admin_addeventtype.phpAdds new event type record to the database.
admin_addfamily.phpAdds new family record to the database.
admin_addlanguage.phpAdds new language record to the database.
admin_addmedia.phpAdds new media record to the database.
admin_addnote.phpAdds new note record to the database.
admin_addperson.phpAdds new individual record to the database.
admin_addperson2.phpAdds new individual record to the database (short form).
admin_addplace.phpAdds new place record to the database.
admin_addrepo.phpAdds new repository record to the database.
admin_addreport.phpAdds new report record to the database.
admin_addsource.phpAdds new source record to the database.
admin_addtlevent.phpAdds new timeline event record to the database.
admin_addtree.phpAdds new tree record to the database.
admin_adduser.phpAdds new user record to the database.
admin_albums.phpAlbums administration page.
admin_associations.phpDisplays associations for an individual.
admin_backup.phpCreates a backup file of a database table.
admin_branches.phpBranch administration page.
admin_branchlabels.phpLabels branches within a tree.
admin_branchmenu.phpAccepts user parameters for labeling branches.
admin_branchoptions.phpDisplays dropdown of available branches.
admin_cemeteries.phpCemetery administration page.
admin_changetree.phpMoves a person, source or repository to a new tree.
admin_changetreeform.phpInput form for selecting a new tree for a person, source or repository.
admin_checkfile.phpChecks the existence of a file.
admin_checkID.phpUtility that checks to see if an ID is unique.
admin_citations.phpDisplays citations for a selected event.
admin_cleartree.phpRemoves all data from the selected tree.
admin_corner.phpCorner frame for TNG logo.
admin_dataimport.phpBegins a GEDCOM import.
admin_defphotos.phpSets default photo for each person with photos.
admin_deletealbum.phpDeletes an album record.
admin_deleteassoc.phpDeletes an association record.
admin_deletecitation.phpDeletes a citation record.
admin_deleteentity.phpDeletes a state or country (cemetery locations).
admin_deleteevent.phpDeletes an event record.
admin_deletefile.phpDeletes a file.
admin_deletenote.phpDeletes a note record.
admin_deletereview.phpDeletes a tentative edit record.
admin_deleteselected.phpDeletes entities checked from a list (photos, histories, etc.).
admin_diagnostics.phpDisplays TNG and PHP diagnostics.
admin_editalbum.phpDisplays an album record for editing.
admin_editassoc.phpDisplays an association record for editing.
admin_editbranch.phpDisplays a branch record for editing.
admin_editcemetery.phpDisplays a cemetery record for editing.
admin_editcitation.phpDisplays a citation record for editing.
admin_editcollection.phpDisplays a media collection record for editing.
admin_editevent.phpDisplays an event record for editing.
admin_editeventtype.phpDisplays an event type record for editing.
admin_editfamily.phpDisplays a family record for editing.
admin_editlanguage.phpDisplays a language record for editing.
admin_editmedia.phpDisplays a media record for editing.
admin_editmedialink.phpDisplays a media link record for editing.
admin_editmore.phpDisplays additional event information for editing.
admin_editmostwanted.phpDisplays Most Wanted records for editing and sorting.
admin_editnote.phpDisplays a note record for editing.
admin_editnote2.phpDisplays a note record for independent editing.
admin_editperson.phpDisplays a person record for editing.
admin_editplace.phpDisplays a place record for editing.
admin_editrepo.phpDisplays a repository record for editing.
admin_editreport.phpDisplays a report record for editing.
admin_editsource.phpDisplays a source record for editing.
admin_edittlevent.phpDisplays a timeline record for editing.
admin_edittree.phpDisplays a tree record for editing.
admin_edituser.phpDisplays a user record for editing.
admin_eventtypes.phpEvent types administration page.
admin_export.phpTakes your export preferences prior to exporting a GEDCOM.
admin_families.phpFamily administration page.
admin_filepicker.phpDisplays contents of a TNG folder to allow easy picking of photos and other items.
admin_findmwmedia.phpDisplays summary of media records that match search criteria entered from the Most Wanted page.
admin_findreview.phpDisplays summary of tentative edit records ready for review that match search criteria.
admin_gedcom2.phpExports a complete GEDCOM for a tree.
admin_gedimport.phpImports new genealogical data (individuals and marriages)
admin_gedimport_eventtypes.phpDependency of gedimport.php (used when importing custom event types only).
admin_genconfig.phpDisplays the values of your system variables for editing.
admin_generateID.phpGenerates a unique person or family ID.
admin_generatethumbs.phpGenerate thumbnail images for existing photos.
admin_geocode.phpObtain geocode information for place records.
admin_geocodeform.phpForm to launch geocoding utility.
admin_getphotodetails.phpRetrieves information on a photo for Most Wanted editor.
admin_importconfig.phpDisplays the values of your import variables for editing.
admin_languages.phpLanguage administration page.
admin_leftbanner.phpLeft navigational frame of admin set, displays menu items.
admin_logconfig.phpDisplays the values of your log variables for editing.
admin_login.phpPrompts a user to log in.
admin_mailusers.phpForm to initiate e-mail to users.
admin_main.phpMain admin menu, displays in central frame.
admin_makefolder.phpAttempts to create TNG folders (used during installation). Success depends on server setup.
admin_mapconfig.phpDisplays the values of your map-related variables for editing.
admin_media.phpMedia administration page.
admin_mediaeventxml.phpFetches event data asynchronously for use with media linking.
admin_medialinksxml.phpFetches entity data asynchronously for use with media linking.
admin_mediaupload.phpMedia mass upload page.
admin_mediauploader.phpProcesses mass uploads.
admin_merge.phpSearch for possible duplicate individuals and merge them on command.
admin_mergeplaces.phpMerges place records.
admin_mergeplacesajax.phpPerforms place merge in background.
admin_mergerepos.phpSearch for possible duplicate repositories and merge them on command.
admin_mergesources.phpSearch for possible duplicate sources and merge them on command.
admin_misc.phpAdmin "Miscellaneous" menu.
admin_modmanager.phpThe Mod Manager.
admin_mostwantedlist.phpDisplays Most Wanted records for editing.
admin_newalbum.phpAccepts information for new album record.
admin_newbranch.phpAccepts information for new branch record.
admin_newcemetery.phpAccepts information for new cemetery record.
admin_newcollection.phpAccepts information for new media collection record.
admin_newentity.phpAccepts information for new state or country record (cemetery locations).
admin_newevent.phpAccepts information for new event record.
admin_neweventtype.phpAccepts information for new event type record.
admin_newfamily.phpAccepts information for new family record.
admin_newlanguage.phpAccepts information for new language record.
admin_newmedia.phpAccepts information for new media record.
admin_newperson.phpAccepts information for new person record.
admin_newperson2.phpAccepts information for new person record (short form).
admin_newplace.phpAccepts information for new place record.
admin_newrepo.phpAccepts information for new repository record.
admin_newreport.phpAccepts information for new report record.
admin_newsource.phpAccepts information for new source record.
admin_newtlevent.phpAccepts information for new timeline event record.
admin_newtree.phpAccepts information for new tree record.
admin_newuser.phpAccepts information for new user record.
admin_notes.phpDisplays notes for a selected event.
admin_notelist.phpDisplays list of notes in the Admin/Miscellaneous section.
admin_optimize.phpOptimizes a database table.
admin_orderalbumform.phpAccepts entity to pass to sort utility.
admin_orderalbums.phpSorts album links for a designated entity.
admin_ordermedia.phpSorts media for a designated entity and media type.
admin_ordermediaform.phpAccepts entity and media type to pass to sort utility.
admin_pedconfig.phpDisplays the values of your pedigree variables for editing.
admin_people.phpPerson administration page.
admin_photoimport.phpOptions for importing photos.
admin_photoimporter.phpImports photos.
admin_phpinfo.phpDisplays "PHP Info" page for your PHP installation.
admin_pickcemetery.phpSmall popup to facilitate cemetery selection.
admin_places.phpPlaces administration page.
admin_renumber.phpResequences IDs.
admin_renumbermenu.phpOption menu for resequencing.
admin_reports.phpReports administration page.
admin_repositories.phpRepositories administration page.
admin_restore.phpRestores a backed-up table.
admin_review.phpDisplays a tentative edit for administrative review.
admin_reviewusers.phpDisplays user records waiting for administrative review.
admin_rightbanner.phpTop right frame of admin set, displays TNG version, language switcher and other menu items.
admin_savelanguage.phpProcesses a language switch.
admin_savereview.phpSave changes made during a review of tentative edit submissions.
admin_savewhatsnewmsg.phpSaves text to display on "What's New" page.
admin_secondary.phpIndicates progress of secondary data maintenance processes (GENDEX creation, tracking lines of descent)
admin_second_menu.phpMenu of secondary data processes.
admin_sendmailusersSends e-mail to users.
admin_setup.phpConfiguration Setup page (the other one you need to worry about).
admin_showbranch.phpShow individuals in a particular branch.
admin_sources.phpSources administration page.
admin_tablecreate.phpCreate all tables needed for application (WARNING: ALL PRE-EXISTING DATA WILL BE LOST!!)
admin_templateconfig.phpDisplays template settings for editing.
admin_thumbnails.phpForm to initiate thumbnail generation.
admin_timelineevents.phpTimeline events administration page.
admin_trees.phpTrees administration page.
admin_updatealbum.phpSaves changes to an album record.
admin_updateassoc.phpSaves changes to an association record.
admin_updatebranch.phpSaves changes to a branch record.
admin_updatecemetery.phpSaves changes to a cemetery record.
admin_updatecitation.phpSaves changes to a citation record.
admin_updatecollection.phpSaves changes to a media collection record.
admin_updateconfig.phpSaves changes to system variables.
admin_updateevent.phpSaves changes to an event record.
admin_updateeventtype.phpSaves changes to an event type record.
admin_updatefamily.phpSaves changes to a family record.
admin_updateimportconfig.phpSaves changes to import variables.
admin_updatelanguage.phpSaves changes to a language record.
admin_updatelogconfig.phpSaves changes to log variables.
admin_updatemapconfig.phpSaves changes to map-related variables.
admin_updatetemplateconfig.phpSaves changes to template-related variables.
admin_updatemedia.phpSaves changes to a media record.
admin_updatemore.phpSaves changes to an extended event record.
admin_updatemostwanted.phpSaves changes to Most Wanted records.
admin_updatenote.phpSaves changes to a note record.
admin_updatenote2.phpSaves changes to a note record from the Admin/Miscellaneous section.
admin_updatepedconfig.phpSaves changes to pedigree variables.
admin_updateperson.phpSaves changes to a person record.
admin_updateplace.phpSaves changes to a place record.
admin_updaterepo.phpSaves changes to a repository record.
admin_updatereport.phpSaves changes to a report record.
admin_updateselectedeventtypes.phpSaves mass changes to event type records.
admin_updateselectedmedia.phpSaves mass changes to media records.
admin_updatesource.phpSaves changes to a source record.
admin_updatetlevent.phpSaves changes to a timeline event record.
admin_updatetree.phpSaves changes to a tree record.
admin_updateuser.phpSaves changes to a user record.
admin_users.phpUsers administration page.
admin_utilities.phpBackup, restore or optimize tables.
admin_whatsnewmsg.phpAccepts text to be displayed on the "What's New" page.
adminlib.phpContains database, header functions.
adminlog.phpContains functions that perform logging in admin area.
adminmaint.phpStub to be displayed in Admin area during maintenance mode.
adminshowlog.phpShows administrative log.
ahnentafel.phpRegister ancestral report for an individual, where personID=###.
ajx_addbookmark.phpAdds a site bookmark for the selected page.
ajx_checknewuser.phpChecks to see if a user exists via ajax.
ajx_delete.phpDeletes various record times via ajax.
ajx_deletebookmark.phpRemoves the selected site bookmark.
ajx_editfamily.phpDisplays a family record for editing in an overlay.
ajx_editperson.phpDisplays a person record for editing in an overlay.
ajx_editprofile.phpDisplays a user record for editing in an overlay.
ajx_fampreview.phpDisplays preview pane for a family record.
ajx_getlastcite.phpGets detail for last citation used.
ajx_login.phpLogin from an overlay.
ajx_logxml.phpFetches log data asynchonously.
ajx_newfamily.phpForm to create a family record in an overlay.
ajx_newperson.phpForm to create a person record in an overlay.
ajx_pedjson.phpFetches pedigree data asynchonously in JSON format.
ajx_perspreview.phpDisplays preview pane for a person record.
ajx_placeconvert.phpRemoves tree assignments from place records.
ajx_savetentedit.phpSaves tentative edits for later review.
ajx_showmediaxml.phpFetches media asynchronously (for slideshow).
ajx_slideshow.phpRuns the slide show.
ajx_smallimage.phpGenerates image previews.
ajx_tentedit.phpPrompts user for tentative edits to displayed record.
ajx_timelinexml.phpFetches timeline event data asynchonously in XML format.
ajx_tnginstall.phpPerforms behind-the-scenes work during TNG installation from readme.html.
ajx_updateorder.phpSaves changes to various records via ajax.
ajx_updatuser.phpSaves user profile changes via ajax.
albumlib.phpLibrary of album-related functions.
api_checklogin.phpBasic authentication for API scripts.
api_family.phpAPI to return data for a family (takes familyID and tree as args).
api_library.phpContains functions common to all API scripts
api_person.phpAPI to return data for a person (takes personID and tree as args).
anniversaries.phpReport of ndividuals matching user-entered date and event criteria.
anniversaries2.phpWorks in conjunction with anniversaries.php. Without this redirection, the original page will not properly refresh on submission.
begin.phpWrapper for including config.php.
bookmarks.phpAll site bookmarks for the computer you're at.
branchlib.phpQueries used with branches.
branchlibjs.phpLibrary of Javascript code and functions used with branches.
browsealbums.phpList of all albums.
browsedocs.php (deprecated)List of all histories (deprecated: please use browsemedia.php?mediatypeID=histories)
browseheadstones.php (deprecated)List of all headstones (deprecated: please use browsemedia.php?mediatypeID=headstones).
browsemedia.phpDisplays a list of all media. Add "?mediatype=sometype" to limit to one media type (i.e., "photos").
browsenotes.phpDisplays a list of all notes.
browsephotos.php (deprecated)Displays a list of all photos (deprecated: please use browsemedia.php?mediatypeID=photos).
browserepos.phpDisplays a list of all repositories.
browsesources.phpDisplays a list of all sources.
browsetrees.phpDisplays list of all trees.
calendar.phpShows events for the selected month in a calendar layout.
cemeteries.phpDisplays list of all cemeteries (lets you drill down to find headstones).
changelanguage.phpDisplays a list of all languages you've set up and allows visitors to select their preference.
checklogin.phpBehind-the-scenes check done on every page to see if user has logged in or not.
class.phpmailer.phpGeneral mail-related functions.
class.smtp.phpSMTP mail-related functions.
datelib.phpText date-to-true date conversion functions.
deepindex.phpAllows you to link to an Admin page beyond the home page and keep the navigation framework intact by passing a "page" parameter (ie, deepindex.php?page=photos.php).
deletelib.phpLibrary of functions used during deletions.
descend.phpDisplays graphical descendancy chart for personID=###.
descendtext.phpDisplays text-only descendancy chart for personID=###.
desctracker.phpDisplays a graphical descendancy chart for a line of descent defined in descend.php.
end.phpIncludes code to end each page.
eventlib.phpLibrary of functions used to display events.
eventlib_js.phpPHP-generated javascript for use with the event library.
eventmicro.phpEvent-related snippet used in multiple files.
extrastree.phpDisplays a list of all ancestors (where person=###) who have associated photos or histories.
familygroup.phpDisplays a family group sheet, where familyID=###.
famsearch.phpSearches for and displays summaries for families who match the criteria entered in famsearchform.php.
famsearchform.phpSearch page to locate families.
findalbummedia.phpDisplays summary of media records that match search criteria (used when adding media to albums).
findfamilyform.phpAccepts search criteria to locate matching families.
findform.phpDisplays summary of media records that match search criteria.
finditems.phpGeneric finder utility (people, families, sources, repos, places).
findpersonform.phpAccepts search criteria to locate matching persons.
findplaceform.phpAccepts search criteria to find matching places.
findrepoform.phpAccepts search criteria to find matching repositories.
findsourceform.phpAccepts search criteria to find matching sources.
fpdf.phpFPDF library (to generate PDFs), written by Olivier Plathey.
functions.phpMiscellaneous functions.
gedcom.phpCreates GEDCOM for download.
gedform.phpForm to request a GEDCOM file to download.
gedimport_families.phpDependency of gedimport.php (handles family records).
gedimport_misc.phpDependency of gedimport.php (miscellaneous functions).
gedimport_people.phpDependency of gedimport.php (handles individual records).
gedimport_sources.phpDependency of gedimport.php (handles source records).
gedimport_trees.phpDependency of gedimport.php (handles tree-related functions).
genlib.phpContains database, header, footer and menu functions.
geocodelib.phpCommon geocoding functions.
getlang.phpContains language preference functions.
getperson.phpDisplays individual information, data first, where personID=###.
globallib.phpContains functions common to both public and admin pages.
google_marker.phpGenerates pin image for display on map.
googleearthbylatlong.phpCreates an XML file for entry into Google Earth on a set of coordinates.
googlemapdrawthemap.phpDisplays a clickable map in the Admin area.
googlemaplib.phpLibrary of map-related functions for public area.
googlemaplib2.phpLibrary of map-related functions for admin area.
headstones.phpDisplays list of all headstones for a given cemetery or locality.
helplib.phpContains functions for help screens.
historytemplate.phpA template file for creating histories (copies must go one folder below the genealogy area). This file can safely be removed from your site.
imageutils.phpPHP functions common to several photo-manipulating scripts.
img_newwin.phpOpens the image viewer in a new window.
img_viewer.phpThe image viewer (normally runs in an iframe).
index.phpYour very basic home page (just in case you don't have one), with links to all the pages in this section. Please make it better!!
index_html.htmlYour very basic home page (just in case you don't have one), with links to all the pages in this section, but this one is HTML. To use, rename to index.html and remove index.php. Please make it better!!
index_plus_header_footer.phpYour very basic home page (just in case you don't have one), with links to all the pages in this section. Please make it better!!
log.phpLogs actions to the log file (genlog.txt).
login.phpPrompts user to log in.
logout.phpLogs a user out.
maint.phpStub to be displayed during maintenance mode.
managemods.class.phpLibrary used by the Mod Manager.
medialib.phpLibrary used by media-related scripts.
mediatypes.phpA list of TNG mediatype definitions.
micro_medialinks.phpBlock of code used in several places for creating media links.
mostwanted.phpMost Wanted report.
newacctform.phpForm users can fill out to request a username/password login.
niceditmsgs.phpCreates JavaScript code to hold NicEdit messages.
pedbox.phpFetches the photo used in the individual box on the pedigree and other charts.
pedigree.phpDisplays a graphical pedigree chart for an individual, where personID=###.
pedigreetext.phpDisplays a text-only pedigree chart for an individual, where personID=###.
personlib.phpContains functions common to all public pages that show events (like for people, families, sources and photos).
photoblock.phpContains code you can put on your home page to display a random photo.
places-all.phpShows all largest locality place names in the database.
places-oneletter.phpShows all place name localities beginning with a given character (passed from places.php).
places.phpShows all place localities in the database (first letters only), plus some other interesting stats.
places100.phpShows the top # places (ordered by number of localities), where topnum=#.
placesearch.phpSearches for and displays summaries for individuals who match place name criteria.
prefixes.phpContains ID prefixes for individuals, families & sources.
processlogin.phpProcesses username and password entered by a user, performs login.
processvars.phpCreates conventional variables from all superglobal arrays.
pwdlib.phpLibrary of functions used with password encryption.
randomphoto.phpUsed by some of the templates to insert a random photo from your database on the site home page.
readme.htmlInstallation guide and basic operating instructions. Can be removed after install is complete.
register.phpDisplays a modified register descendancy report for an individual, where personID=###.
reglib.phpContains functions common to both the Register and Ahnentafel reports.
relateform.phpPage where visitors select two candidates for relationship chart.
relationship.phpCharts relationship between two people (within a fixed number of generations).
relationship2.phpWorks in conjunction with relationship.php. Without this redirection, the original page will not properly refresh on submission.
reports.phpDisplays a list of all active reports.
rpt_descend.phpGenerates a PDF descendancy report.
rpt_fam.phpGenerates a PDF family group sheet.
rpt_ind.phpGenerates a PDF individual report.
rpt_pdfform.phpCollections options for PDF charts.
rpt_pedigree.phpGenerates a PDF pedigree chart.
rpt_utils.phpLibrary of functions used by the PDF charts.
savelanguage.phpSaves the visitor's language preference.
savelanguage2.phpSaves the visitor's language preference and returns them to the previous page.
search.phpSearches for and displays summaries for individuals who match the criteria entered in searchform.php.
searchform.phpSearch page to locate individuals.
sendlogin.phpSends login information to e-mail address entered if a match is found.
showalbum.phpShows contents of an album, where albumID=###.
showhistory.phpShows a history record, where docID=###, if the history is stored in the database. Deprecated.
showlog.phpShows most recently logged actions.
showmap.phpShows map of a cemetery, where cemeteryID=###.
showmedia.phpShows a media item, where mediaID=###.
showmedialib.phpA library of functions used by media- and slideshow-related scripts.
showmediaxmllib.phpLibrary of functions used with the media slideshow.
showrepo.phpShows a repository record, where repoID=###.
showreport.phpShows a report, where reportID=###.
showsource.phpShows a source record, where sourceID=###.
showtree.phpShows detail for a tree, where treeID=###.
statistics.phpProvides general database statistics.
subroot.phpStores sub-root location of config files (optional).
suggest.phpPrompts user for suggested changes to viewed record.
surnames-all.phpShows all surnames in the database.
surnames-oneletter.phpShows all surnames beginning with a given character (passed from surnames.php).
surnames.phpShows all surnames in the database (first letters only), plus some other interesting stats.
surnames100.phpShows the top # surnames (ordered by occurence), where topnum=#.
surnametable.phpAPI for displaying top surnames (used in surnames.php).
tabledefs.phpQueries used to create the database tables.
timeline.phpDoes 'behind-the-scenes' work for timeline chart.
timeline2.phpDisplays timeline chart.
tngdblib.phpLibrary of database functions.
tngfiletypes.phpDefinitions of some TNG file types.
tngmaillib.phpLibrary of mail functions.
tngpdf.phpLibrary of functions used with the PDF charts.
tngrobots.phpTells crawlers which files to index and which to ignore.
tngrss.phpOutputs contents of "What's New" page in RSS newsreader format. When subscribing, you can get the feed to appear in alternate languages if you append "&lang=yourlanguage" (where "yourlanguage" is the name of the language as you have set it up in TNG) to the URL.
tngsendmail.phpSends suggested edit from users to site owner.
treelib.phpQueries to delete a tree and all dependent data.
ufpdf.phpUTF-8 version of FPDF library (to generate PDFs), written by Olivier Plathey.
version.phpContains current version information.
whatsnew.phpReport of new individuals, families, photos, histories and headstones.
Text Pages
(for each language folder)
admintext.phpText messages for all administration pages.
albums_help.phpHelp for all album administration pages.
alltext.phpText messages common to both public and administration pages.
assoc_help.phpHelp for all association pages.
backuprestore_help.phpHelp for all backup/restore administration pages.
branches_help.phpHelp for all branch administration pages.
cemeteries_help.phpHelp for all cemetery administration pages.
citations_help.phpHelp for all citation administration pages.
collections_help.phpHelp for adding custom media types.
config_help.phpHelp for general configuration settings.
cust_text.phpReserved for custom text messages (starts empty).
data_help.phpHelp for all data import administration pages.
events_help.phpHelp for all events administration pages.
eventtypes_help.phpHelp for all event types administration pages.
families_help.phpHelp for all family administration pages.
index_help.phpHelp for main administration menu page.
languages_help.phpHelp for all language administration pages.
logconfig_help.phpHelp for log configuration settings.
mapconfig_help.phpHelp for map configuration settings.
media_help.phpHelp for all media administration pages.
misc_help.phpHelp for "Miscellaneous" administration pages.
modmanager_help.phpHelp for Mod Manager pages.
more_help.phpHelp for all "More" pages (additional information for events).
mostwanted_help.phpHelp for "most wanted" administration pages.
notes_help.phpHelp for all notes administration pages.
pedconfig_help.phpHelp for pedigree configuration settings.
people_help.phpHelp for all person administration pages.
places_googlemap_help.phpHelp for searching for places on the Google Maps areas.
places_help.phpHelp for all place administration pages.
reports_help.phpHelp for all report administration pages.
repositories_help.phpHelp for all repository administration pages.
second_help.phpHelp for all secondary processes pages.
setup_help.phpHelp for configuration setup menu page.
sources_help.phpHelp for all sources administration pages.
templateconfig_help.phpHelp for template configuration settings.
text.phpText messages for all public pages.
tlevents_help.phpHelp for all timeline event administration pages.
trees_help.phpHelp for all trees administration pages.
users_help.phpHelp for all users administration pages.
Images - in the img folder
###.png"Pin" images to indicate map locations (various "place levels").
admArrowDown.gifDownward pointing arrow for sorting photos.
admArrowUp.gifUpward pointing arrow for sorting photos.
admin_icon_sprites.pngTray of icon images for Admin functions.
albums_icon.gifIcon for Albums.
ArrowDown.gifDownward pointing arrow for pedigree chart. Indicates more individual information is present. Also used on menus.
arrowdown2.gifAnother ownward pointing arrow.
ArrowLeft.gifLeft-facing arrow for pedigree and descendancy charts. Indicates additional generations are present.
ArrowRight.gifRight-facing arrow for pedigree chart. Indicates additional pedigree generations are present.
background.gifBackground pattern for admin pages.
backuprestore_icon.gifIcon for Backup/Restore/Optimize Table Data.
black.gifBlack one-pixel image used to create pedigree lines with text-only option.
blank.gifBlank image to correct transparency problem with PNG images.
branches_icon.gifIcon for Branches.
cemeteries_icon.gifIcon for Cemeteries.
Chart.gifSmall pedigree image used to indicate a link to another pedigree chart.
customeventtypes_icon.gifIcon for Event Types.
data_icon.gifIcon for Data Import.
dchart.gifSmall descendancy image used to indicate a link to a graphical representation of the descendancy report to that point.
doc.gifSmall document icon used to indicate that an individual has at least one history linked to their record.
documents_thumb.pngDefault thumbnail for documents.
earth.gifIcon to indicate a link to Google Earth.
families_icon.gifIcon for Families.
female.gifGeneric female default thumbnail.
first_button.gifButton indicating first in a series.
green.gifIcon indicating a green light.
headstones_thumb.pngDefault thumbnail for headstones.
histories_thumb.pngDefault thumbnail for histories.
img_break.pngUsed with image viewer
img_close.gifClose button on image viewer
img_mag.gifMagnifying class on image viewer
img_magdown.gifMagnifying class on image viewer: down
img_magdownoff.gifMagnifying class on image viewer: down (disabled)
img_magoff.gifMagnifying class on image viewer (disabled)
img_magup.gifMagnifying class on image viewer: up
img_magupoff.gifMagnifying class on image viewer: up (disabled)
img_select.gifImage viewer selector
img_shadow.pngImage viewer shadow
languages_icon.gifIcon for Languages.
last_button.gifButton indicating last in a series.
loadmap.gifBig arrow for loading map on individual page.
loading.gifLoading indicator for mass media upload.
male.gifGeneric male default thumbnail.
media-prevbg.gifBubble behind image previews (IE only).
media-prevbg.pngBubble behind image previews.
misc_icon.gifIcon for Miscellaneous.
modmgr_icon.gifIcon for Mod Manager.
next_button.gifButton indicating next in a series.
niceditoricons.gifTray of icon images used with NicEdit inline editor.
orange.gifIcon indicating an orange light.
people_icon.gifIcon for People.
person-prevbg.gifBubble behind person previews (IE only)
person-prevbg.pngBubble behind person previews
photo.gifSmall camera icon used to indicate that an individual has at least one photo linked to their record.
photos_icon.gifIcon for Photos.
photos_thumb.pngDefault thumbnail for photos.
places_icon.gifIcon for Places.
prev_button.gifButton indicating previous in a series.
progressbar.gifProgress bar for mass media upload.
recordings_thumb.pngDefault thumbnail for recordings.
red.gifIcon indicating a red light.
reports_icon.gifIcon for Reports.
repos_icon.gifIcon for Repositories.
second_icon.gifIcon for Secondary Processes.
setup_icon.gifIcon for Setup & Configuration.
shadow50.pngPin shadow for maps.
sources_icon.gifIcon for Sources.
spacer.gifBlank one-pixel image used as filler.
spinner.gifAnimated image to indicate that something is happening in the background.
tlevents_icon.gifIcon for Timeline Events.
tng_admin.gifSmall icon for administration.
tng_aedit.gifSmall icon for editing (admin).
tng_album.gifSmall icon for albums.
tng_anote.gifSmall icon for notes (admin).
tng_anote_on.gifSmall icon for notes (at least one exists).
tng_assoc.gifSmall icon for associations (none present).
tng_assoc_on.gifSmall icon for associations (at least one exists).
tng_bmk.gifSmall icon for bookmarks.
tng_bmk2.gifA different small icon for bookmarks.
tng_branch.gifSmall icon for labeling branches.
tng_cal_altbirth.gifCalendar icon for alternate birth event.
tng_cal_bapt.gifCalendar icon for baptism (LDS) event.
tng_cal_birth.gifCalendar icon for birth event.
tng_cal_burial.gifCalendar icon for burial event.
tng_cal_death.gifCalendar icon for alternate death event.
tng_cal_div.gifCalendar icon for alternate divorce event.
tng_cal_educ.gifCalendar icon for education event.
tng_cal_emig.gifCalendar icon for emigration event.
tng_cal_endl.gifCalendar icon for endowment (LDS) event.
tng_cal_enga.gifCalendar icon for engagement event.
tng_cal_even.gifCalendar icon for general event.
tng_cal_marr.gifCalendar icon for marriage event.
tng_cal_seal.gifCalendar icon for sealing (LDS) event.
tng_check.gifSmall checkmark icon.
tng_cite.gifSmall icon for citations (none present).
tng_cite_on.gifSmall icon for citations (at least one exists).
tng_clear.gifSmall icon for clearing trees.
tng_close.gifSmall icon for "Close".
tng_collapse.gifSmall arrow icon for "Collapse".
tng_colorpicker.gifSmall icon for color selection.
tng_contact.gifSmall icon for "Contact Us".
tng_date.gifSmall icon for dates & anniversaries.
tng_delete.gifSmall icon for delete action.
tng_desc.gifSmall icon for descendancy.
tng_doc.gifSmall icon for documents.
tng_down.gifSmall icon for moving items down in a list.
tng_edit.gifSmall icon for editing.
tng_edit2.gifAnother small icon for editing (used on pedigree chart).
tng_expand.gifSmall arrow icon for "Expand".
tng_families.gifSmall icon for family search page.
tng_female.gifSmall icon to indicate displayed individual is a female.
tng_find.gifSmall icon for find pages.
tng_ged.gifSmall icon for GEDCOM download.
tng_help.gifSmall icon for menu guide.
tng_hist.gifSmall icon for histories.
tng_home.gifSmall icon for home page.
tng_home2.gifSlightly larger icon for home page.
tng_hs.gifSmall icon for headstones.
tng_icon_sprites.gifTray of icon images used with public menus.
tng_ind.gifSmall icon for individual record page.
tng_left.gifSmall icon for moving items left from one list to another.
tng_log.gifSmall icon for login/logout.
tng_log2.gifSlightly larger icon for login.
tng_logout.gifSmall icon for logout.
tng_male.gifSmall icon to indicate displayed individual is a male.
tng_media.gifSmall icon for media.
tng_minus.gifSmall icon for collapsing a hidden block.
tng_more.gifSmall icon for more info on an event (none present).
tng_more_on.gifSmall icon for more info on an event (at least one exists).
tng_mw.gifSmall icon for "Most Wanted" page.
tng_new.gifSmall icon for "What's New" page.
tng_note.gifSmall icon for notes.
tng_optimize.gifSmall icon for optimizing tables.
tng_ped.gifSmall icon for pedigree.
tng_photo.gifSmall icon for photos.
tng_place.gifSmall icon for places.
tng_plus.gifSmall icon for expanding a hidden block.
tng_print.gifSmall icon for printer-friendly link.
tng_rec.gifSmall icon for recordings.
tng_rel.gifSmall icon for relationship chart.
tng_repo.gifSmall icon for repositories.
tng_restore.gifSmall icon for restoring tables.
tng_right.gifSmall icon for moving items right from one list to another.
tng_rpt.gifSmall icon for reports.
tng_save.gifSmall icon for exporting a GEDCOM.
tng_search.gifSmall icon for search action.
tng_search2.gifSlightly larger icon for search action.
tng_search_small.gifVery small icon for place searching.
tng_small_icon_sprites.gifTray of small icon images used with "core icons" (basic options at top of page).
tng_sort_asc.gifSmall arrow icon indicating ascending sort.
tng_sort_desc.gifSmall arrow icon indicating descending sort.
tng_src.gifSmall icon for sources.
tng_stats.gifSmall icon for statistics.
tng_temple.gifSmall icon for LDS temple codes.
tng_test.gifSmall icon for testing a page.
tng_time.gifSmall icon for timeline.
tng_up.gifSmall icon for moving items up in a list.
tng_video.gifSmall icon for videos.
tnglogo.gifTNG logo.
tngtab.pngImage used with inactive tabs.
tngtabactive.pngImage used with active tabs.
trees_icon.gifIcon for Trees.
users_icon.gifIcon for Users.
videos_thumb.pngDefault icon for videos.
white.gifSmall "pin" image for use in legend.
JavaScript files - in the js folder
admin.jsFunctions used in Admin files.
albums.jsFunctions used with albums.
anchorposition.jsRequired for color picker.
canvas-to-blob.min.jsLibrary for the media mass upload.
colorpicker2.jsMore required for color picker.
cors/jquery.postmessage-transport.jsLibrary for the media mass upload.
cors/jquery.xdr-transport.jsLibrary for the media mass upload.
dataimport.jsFunctions used with GEDCOM import.
datevalidation.jsMakes sure entered dates are in a valid format.
dragdrop.jsPart of the Scriptaculous Javascript library.
effects.jsPart of the Scriptaculous Javascript library.
eventtypes.jsLibrary for event types administration.
img_utils.jsFunctions used with the image viewer.
img_viewer.jsMore functions used with the image viewer.
jquery.fileupload-fp.jsLibrary for the media mass upload.
jquery.fileupload.jsLibrary for the media mass upload.
jquery.fileupload-ui.jsLibrary for the media mass upload.
jquery.iframe-transport.jsLibrary for the media mass upload.
jquery.ui.widget.jsLibrary for the media mass upload.
getperson.jsFunctions for the individual page.
litbox.jsLibrary used to create modal dialog windows.
load-image.min.jsLibrary for the media mass upload.
main.jsLibrary for the media mass upload.
mediafind.jsLibrary for media-related functions.
mediautils.jsLibrary for media-related functions.
mergeplaces.jsFunctions used with the place merge utility.
mostwanted.jsFunctions used while editing Most Wanted list.
net.jsAJAX library functions.
nicedit.jsLibrary for NicEdit.
popupwindow.jsFunctions for color selection popup.
prototype.jsThe Prototype ajax library.
reports.jsRoutines common to new/edit report screens.
rpt_utils.jsFor PDF popup form.
scriptaculous.jsThe Scriptaculous Javascript library.
selectutils.jsRoutines common to several admin screens.
slideshow.jsFunctions that run the media slideshow.
tentedit.jsFunctions used with tentative editing.
timeline.jsLibrary for the timeline page.
tmpl.jsLibrary for the media mass upload (specifically, a templating utility).
tngmenuhover.jsLibrary for TNG menus.
tngpededit.jsFunctions used when editing within the pedigree chart.
tngpedigree.jsLibrary for AJAX pedigree chart.
users.jsFunctions used in Users.
Style Sheets - in the css folder
bootstrap.cssStyle used on the mass media upload page.
calendar.cssStyle used exclusively on the calendar page.
cemeteries.cssStyle used exclusively on the cemeteries page.
img_viewer.cssStyle used exclusively by the image viewer.
jquery.fileupload-ui.cssStyle used on the mass media upload page.
jquery.fileupload-ui-noscript.cssStyle used on the mass media upload page.
genstyle.cssPresentational rules and guidelines.
media.cssStyle used in showmedia.php and related files.
mytngstyle.cssIf you know enough about style sheets and want to add your own style rules, add them here.
templatestyle.cssTemplate-specific style rules (blank in the default version).
timeline.cssStyle used exclusively on the timeline page.
tngprint.cssPrinter-friendly style sheet.
tngtabs1.cssStyle sheet used to display page tabs.
tngtabs2.cssAlternate style sheet for displaying page tabs (same colors as template #4).
Font files (for PDF generation, in font folder)
courierb.phpCourier Bold
courierbi.phpCourier Bold Italics
helveticab.phpHelvetica Bold
helveticabi.phpHelvetica Bold Italics
helveticai.phpHelvetica Italics
times.phpTimes Roman
timesb.phpTimes Roman Bold
timesbi.phpTimes Roman Bold Italics
timesi.phpTimes Roman Italics
license.txtYour license agreement.
livingupdate.phpUtility to flag living individuals (left over from v4 upgrade).
switchcolor.phpCreates new tab background images according to the color numbers you enter.